Great progress in the past 8 months

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I have been losing consistently since May and I plan on continuing doing that for the next several months. By no means is a easy task, but my drive to achieve my goals is greater than eating ice cream every week.
I finally visualize what I'm going to gain when I lose the weight. I want to keep going and achieve my first 50lbs goal. I'm hoping I'll be there by September. It's a doable timeline.
Physically I haven't seen much change, but in my face though, I saw a change, and my clothes start to be loosen on me and that's a great feeling.
My first life goal is getting into the nursing program, and I figured that I can shed some pounds by next Spring. I want to be role model and inspiration to my patients. After nursing school, I want to marry the love of my life, and I want to be a fit bride and wife. I want to be an example of health for my family.
All these goals are driving me to success. I plan, I stop to think about what is worth, and I make choices and decisions. It's not always pretty but if I screw one meal up, I'm back right into the next one.
It's a mindset, where we need to make our mind obey what we need and not what we want.



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